The "branches" of our experience are HEALTHY LIVING, LEADERSHIP, and SELF-EFFICACY.  


The Healthy Living goal encompasses both personal health and the health of the environment. The Leadership & Entrepreneurship training gives Teens Grow Greens interns valuable communication, critical thinking, and business skills through team building and community service.  And the Self-Efficacy goal helps grow interns’ confidence and strength of belief in their own abilities.


Interns will

  • understand how food impacts the mind, body, and spirit

  • understand how healthy people learn better

  • understand the difference between different kinds of foods (e.g., processed vs. raw)

  • understand how to grow and cook food

  • understand Food Justice issues

  • make informed decisions about how to improve their health

  • become more self-aware of changes due to their diet

  • become teachers and advocates of healthy living



Interns will

  • identify leadership qualities

  • recognize their strengths and weaknesses and build them

  • learn from failure

  • learn valuable communication, critical thinking, and entrepreneurship skills, including

    • how to identify problems and create solutions

    • how to effectively budget time and money

    • what tools are necessary to be and stay employable

    • set goals and hold themselves accountable

  • experience personal success

  • teach leadership to their peers and their communities



Interns will


  • gain confidence and strength of belief in their own abilities to succeed

  • gain an improved sense of self-worth and self-esteem

  • gain an overall improved self-awareness and growth mindset through

    • pre- and post-activity/program surveys and reflections

    • "Roses & Thorns" with teammates

    • monthly check-ins with staff

    • formal "Straight Talks" every two weeks

    • two formal performance reviews