Graduates of the internship who have been rehired in select career paths.  In completing the apprenticeship students will also earn two additional high school credits and a nationally recognized Level 1 Youth Apprenticeship Completion Certificate from the Department of Workforce Development. 

Abdullahi Musa - Agricultural Apprentice

Hi, my name is Abdullahi Musa. I’m 17 years old and I am completing my last year at Riverside High School. I stand for a lot of things but to name one, I stand for equality. I believe everyone deserves to be treated as an equal. I always stood for treating someone how they want to be treated as an equal. Being and staying positive everyday even if the day wasn’t treating me so well. Once I complete high school I want to go to college. Yes I'm a senior I still don’t know where to go but when I decide I want to study business get into the real estate.

Kaya Schwarz - Agricultural Apprentice

After completing the Teens Grow Greens internship in 2017, I continued working as an educator and eventually transitioned to focus on the greenhouses. I stand for equal rights, animal rights, and interpersonal effectiveness. I strive to make the world a better place with everything I do. In the future I want to continue to further my education, open my own animal sanctuary and rehabilitation center, and continue being an advocate for the importance of adolescent mental health. Lastly, I advocate for veganism, the importance of buying local and empathy towards everybody.

Fardowso Shidad - Education Apprentice

My name is Fardowso Shidad. I am a Somali minority who immigrated to the United States as a refugee to the famine and poverty. Something that’s important to me is the livelihood of refugees and giving back to my community. I work hard in everything I do because I know that that is the only way I can change the life that my family and I live. I aspire to attend college of my choosing, study political science and become a lawyer.

Jaden Odom - Agricultural Apprentice

My name is Jaden Odom. I am 17 years old and I am a junior at Riverside High School. I stand for speaking up for yourself and working hard to be successful at everything you do. I want to go to college to become a physical therapist.

India Cheatham - Agricultural Apprentice

Who am I? I am a young lady who stands for equality of all people, regardless of their race, sexuality, or gender. Also, I stand against human trafficking because this is a big thing in Milwaukee and it's not talked about as much as it should be. I aspire to be an architect. Specifically, I will like to construct or model building with eco-friendly material.

Quashiana Spencer - Marketing Apprentice

Teens Grow Greens had a huge impact on my life. When I first started, I never thought I would gain so many lifelong skills during the 9 months. This program helped me broaden my horizons and become more outgoing. I started to network and meet different people at farmers markets and other events. I also started to put myself out there and join other programs which gave me a number of opportunities and helped me build my resume. One of the things that I’m most grateful for is that I gained a passion for healthy living. I learned so much about the food industry such as processed foods, the treatment of farm animals, how to read nutrition labels, and so much more.