Northside Educator: Job Description 

(Full Time)

Our mission at Teens Grow Greens is simple and game-changing.  After planting the seeds of belonging, respect, responsibility, and resilience, each of our internships for high school students help Teens grow the life and job skills needed to be successful in their lives and to transform their communities.  We envision healed and healthy Teens leading change in their communities.


Teens Grow Greens (TGG) offers a series of three  paid leadership internships: Leading My Life, Leading For Justice, and Leading Through Innovation.  Internships can be experienced alone or in combination, but all three provide life and career skills training through hands-on learning, guest speakers, and field trips, and are grounded in our values of Respect, Responsibility, and Resilience.  Personal and community leadership is developed in each internship and those teens who transition from one internship to the next lead the orientations for the new teens.  Interns who commit to all three internship experiences (a total of 10.5 months) are eligible to receive a Ryan Graham Scholarship and to apply for one of our Tier 1 Apprenticeships: Education, Agriculture, Entrepreneurship, or Hospitality.


We are looking for a talented educator who shares our vision to join our Education Team to help make all this possible!  If that’s you, you’ll be working in tandem with our Southside Educator, the Education Director, and the rest of the TGG Staff to bring a curriculum of belonging and transformation to 25-30 Teens from schools on the north side of Milwaukee.


Do you . . .

  • enjoy working with Teens and Kids?

  • enjoy working with a vibrant team?

  • have the ability to also be autonomous and self-directed?

  • teach in an adaptable and fluid manner?

  • teach and interact with the community empathetically?

  • possess cultural competence and teach in a culturally relevant manner?

  • give and receive critical feedback effectively?

  • possess excellent written and verbal communication skills?


And are you, among other things . . . 

  • a transformative educator?

  • committed to healthy living, body, mind, and spirit?

  • someone who likes to cook and eat?

  • okay with getting your hands dirty in a garden?

  • someone who embraces inevitable chaos?

  • an innovative thinker?

Here are the main responsibilities you’d be taking on:


Collaboration, which includes:

  • working with Education Director and Southside Educator 

    • to design the overall curriculum scope and sequence for each internship.

    • to create instructional materials and adapt methods to the needs of the Interns.

    • to facilitate program evaluations.


Teaching, which includes:

  • facilitating each internship curriculum for Teens, which includes overseeing community garden work in the summer.

  • teaching in a variety of settings, in-person and virtual.

  • assessing and evaluating Teens as well as personal performance.


Education Apprenticeship, which includes: 

  • working with the Education Director to provide training for one Education Apprentice, who will both learn from and assist you throughout the program.

  • coordinating the facilitation of program curricula with the Education Apprentice.

  • evaluating the Education Apprentice.


Documentation and Management, which includes:

  • participating in meetings with staff to share documented insights on Teens (e.g., behaviors, accomplishments, struggles).

  • facilitating periodic “Growth Talks” to share observations with Teens about their strengths and challenges.

  • ensuring that program assessments and evaluations are completed in a timely fashion.


Coordination, which includes:

  • working with the Education Director to plan and coordinate appropriate field trips and community activities.

  • maintaining current community partnerships and fostering new ones.

  • assisting the entire team in event planning.


Graduate support, which includes:

  • working with the Education Director to stay connected with graduates and maintain support such as periodic check-ins with TGG graduates, job leads and other opportunities based upon their individual interests, and mental/behavioral health resources.


Recruitment, which includes:

  • working with the Education team to recruit from northside high schools (once in the fall, once in spring, and once in summer)

  • working with the Education team to recruit youth for the summer “Mids Grow Greens” program.

  • working with the Education Director to help secure program partners that enhance program effectiveness and assist in reaching program/instructional goals and objectives.


Modeling professionalism and enthusiasm for the mission, which includes: 

  • maintaining open communication with the Education Director and the rest of the team regarding Teens. 

  • supporting the mission by modeling healthy eating habits, promptness, and proactivity. 

  • supporting colleagues by adhering to our organizational values of Love, Learning, and Integrity.



Other Requirements:

  • Valid Driver’s License 

  • Education degree (progress towards or completion of Bachelor’s or Master’s) or comparable experience

  • Knowledge/understanding of urban agriculture (or willingness to learn)

To apply, contact Charlie Uihlein at