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(Quaran)Teen Thymes: Guest Speakers and the Sound of Virtual Clapping

At the end of each guest session on Google Hangouts, it’s so cool to hear a chorus of clapping and gratitude from the Teens. It’s not the same as in person, but it still warms the heart!

Tricklebee Cafe | Photo by Dominic Inouye

On March 31, Christie Melby-Gibbons, the owner of Tricklebee Cafe on 45th & North, shared the mission of the Sherman Park cafe’s pay-as-you-can model, as well as five tips for eating healthy on a budget. Once we can see each other in person, again, we’re definitely going to try eating daylilies and purslane!

Barbara Richards | Photo by Dominic Inouye

On April 6, Barbara Richards, a permaculturalist, activist, and brainchild behind a future Milwaukee Downtown Food Forest, moved the Teens with her explanation of permaculture (planting the way Nature does it), her story of how trees communicate with each other through the underground mycelium spread by fungi, and her down-to-earth philosophy about the important relationship between humans and the earth.

Manaan Sabir | Photo by Dominic Inouye

And on April 14, Manaan Sabir, co-owner of Shindig! Coffee in the Sherman Phoenix, inspired the Teens with the story of how he and his wife JoAnne Sabir Johnson decided to open a homeopathic juice kitchen in a former Lindsay Heights bar. His entrepreneurial spirit was the perfect sneak peek into our later Entrepreneurship focus and had the Teens (and me!) writing down his words of wisdom: “Our archetype is climbing UP the slide to see what people have not done and to do THAT.” “Be bold, be strong.” “Do what people say can’t be done. Do the impossible!” “Go against the grain.” “Dwell in winning.” The Teens didn’t flinch when he talked about shamans in one sentence, “evil mucus” in another, and the importance of defecation for detoxification in yet another.

We can’t thank these community members enough for inspiring our Teens during this time of quarantine, for helping them grow, and for setting their minds and sights high!

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