• Dominic Inouye

(Quaran)Teen Thymes: $hopping Cart Challenge!

While learning about nutrition by examining food labels was certainly enlightening, we still hadn’t adequately addressed their practical question about the affordability of healthy food. Therefore, the $hopping Cart Challenge was born.

Could they plan a healthy, balanced meal for four for under $25, the equivalent of two Big Mac meals, one Crispy Chicken meal, and one cheeseburger meal? As an added challenge, they were to research either a health-related illness like diabetes, a condition like pregnancy, an activity like weight training, or a diet like Keto and tailor the meal accordingly.

They took their mock money, hit grocery store websites, and went shopping, scanning for deals and bulk items and thinking about the ingredients.

The Teens expressed overwhelming satisfaction (and often surprise) that they were able to accomplish the challenge within their budgets and create tasty meals! The first one to come in was Kyla’s. For $23.33, she created a vegetarian Garlic Butter Spinach & Pasta, with a baguette and fruit salad!


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