• Dominic Inouye

(Quaran)Teen Thymes: Nutrition Inquiry Project

Because it’s hard to talk about healthy eating without a shared language, the Teens’ first project-from-home was to examine items in their pantry or fridge and inquire about the confusing Nutrition Facts Labels.

What does all of that info really mean? What are all those ingredients? And inquire they did, asking the kinds of questions we all should be asking about what’s in the food we consume. They followed up their inquiry by learning about each component of the labels, like fats and sodium and carbohydrates, then going back to answer their questions and present to each other.

Teens in our Northside chapter reported on sunflower and palm oils, folic acid and fruit pectin, and the truth behind Nutella. Teens in our Southside chapter honed in on vitamins and minerals specifically, anticipating many times our later focus on how food affects us mentally, too. Karina, for instance, writes, “Having vitamins and minerals in our daily diet will help us grow mentally and physically in good health. There are other benefits. They can help lower our risk of having heart disease, strokes, and even cancer.”

No matter what they chose to learn about, each Teen created a list of healthy eating goals that they will choose from at the end of April to actually try putting into practice. Stay tuned!

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