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Throughout their nine-month internships, Teens collect written and visual evidence of their growth.


They present it in their Final Portfolio, which consists of examples and artifacts (written reflections, photographs, videos, presentations, performance reviews, etc.) that shows their commitment to the 3 principles and the 3 goals of Teens Grow Greens:

Responsibility to self, team, and environment
Respect for self, team, and environment
Resilience as it pertains to self, team, and environment

Healthy Living Goal examples of:

  • their understanding of how food impacts our bodies, minds, and spirits

  • their increased awareness of personal and community relationships with food

  • their advocacy of healthy living

Leadership Goal examples of:
  • their strengths/successes and weaknesses/challenges

  • their learning from struggle or failure

  • their communication skills

  • their problem-solving skills

  • their entrepreneurial skills

Self-Efficacy Goal examples of :
  • their increased self-esteem and confidence

In addition, all Teens will have in their Final Portfolio:

a completed resume with work experience and supportive references
an active savings account
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