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Charlie Uihlein (he/him)

Founder + Executive Director

My background in teaching (7 years) and Americorps (City Year) has heavily influenced my life and values and guided me to a purpose and drive to be a part of meaningful change.    My role at TGG has moved from Educator to Executive Director and I am now in charge of Development. 


I enjoy playing basketball and board games, cooking and going out to eat, and hanging out with my family and friends.


I work for TGG because it is an essential part of a teenager’s development that I saw was missing.  To be honest, it was what I was missing as a teenager as well.  I love being able to see Teens realize they are capable of something or gain confidence in their voice or leadership abilities that they didn’t know was there before--“mirror moments” when a person looks at themselves in the mirror and is surprised at what they have achieved or become.  


This is my dream job and I am so lucky that I am able to wake up each day and do it.

Kelly Michael Anderson (he/him)

 Marketing Manager & Marketing Apprenticeship Lead Educator

My background in media production and marketing departments in MKE (at Colectivo Coffee and most recently as a freelancer) helps me produce captivating stories found here at TGG, working with teens and staff alike. My experience as a photographer and filmmaker (since graduating UWM’s film program in 2010) informs my leadership and collaboration skills in directing our Marketing Apprentices while they help to tell the many stories of TGG.

I enjoy cooking, filming and photographing live music, enjoying MKE’s many public parks, and cultivating my ongoing art practice.  I also moonlight as a private detective.

I work for TGG because they’re one of the most inspiring organizations I’ve worked with in my over 16 years in MKE. There is truly a sense of admiration and respect between Teens and staff at TGG and I can’t think of a better foundation for education and introduction into the workforce. I’m honored to be given the opportunity to help tell this story with a guiding hand from the Teens themselves.


Tylon Jones (he/him)

Greenhouse Coordinator
Tylon Jones (new photo).jpg

My background includes being a TGG Grad ('21) and Board Member.  I have enjoyed the process and dedication of the program, not just from the directors and staff but from my peers as well. I’ve also enjoyed being around and in nature since I was an adolescent. Mud, Microbes, Fungi, and Plants are all friends. 

I enjoy working on meaningful projects and actually being part of the change, but in the meantime, I dedicate time to learning about environmental sciences, fungi, and other interesting things that affect our planet. 

I work for TGG because it feels natural.  I believe this organization is an amazing outlet for youth uncertain about all the opportunities happening in Milwaukee.

Dominic Inouye (he/him)

Internship Director + EducationApprenticeship Educator

My background as a story teacher (23 years teaching college and high school English) and a story teller (journalist with Milwaukee Independent, Narrator-in-Residence at The Pfister Hotel) helps me develop curricula for our three internships (the first stages of the TGG journey) as well as our Education Apprenticeship (one of the second stages).

I enjoy working out with November Project Milwaukee, dancing and painting, gardening and cooking, connecting with the Milwaukee community and meeting new people everywhere.  I also recently began practicing some new skateboard flip tricks.

I work for TGG because it gives me an opportunity to change the narrative about Milwaukee, one Teen at a time--and I get to put my past work as a teacher, mentor, and writer to work every day, with a fun, dedicated, and diverse team.


Paula Lovo (she/her)

Southside Internship Educator
EV_InternPitches_2022_28 (1).jpg

My background as an artist and educator allows me to look at topics from a creative lens. I work to create intergenerational and accessible spaces in art, the outdoors, and our city. 


I enjoy connecting with young people, learning about what brings them joy, and how they can tap into areas around the city to help them flourish. I love working in my home garden with my abuelo, creating art, and dancing. 

I work for TGG because I think it is important to talk about nutrition, mental health, food justice, and all the themes we go through with young people. I can work in gardens and classrooms and be there for when difficult questions are asked. I enjoy being a resource for Teens in whatever interests them.

Ryan Smith (he/him)

Northside Internship Educator

My background as a writer, communicator and play enthusiast give me a different perspective than the typical educator. With how much is expected of young people 24/7, I make it my goal to incorporate joy into everything that we do at TGG. 


I enjoy exploring new places as well as new ideas, adventures and challenges. When I’m not at work, I enjoy cooking, being outdoors, playing with my dog and flying hot air balloons. 


I work for TGG because it allows me the opportunity to connect with nature, really cool people and unique experiences.


Sean Bussey (he/him)

Apprenticeship Director

My background as an educator, curriculum writer, and academic adviser are critical to my role. In the past 10 years, I’ve learned that building relationships is one of the strongest tools to being successful in all parts of life. 


I enjoy project-based learning, interdisciplinary learning, and connecting with others about random facts, history, and societal hallmarks. I’m also passionate about language and its ability to promote cross cultural connections and understanding. 

I work for TGG because I believe mentorship and outreach are vital for a better future. The TGG staff is full of strong leaders and mentors who are constantly pushing to open doors for its Graduates.  I’ve never been prouder to be a part of a team that truly puts Teens first in every decision made.

Dayona Rimmer (__/__)

Entrepreneurship Apprenticeship Educator + TGG Grad '18

My background is as an AmeriCorps graduate and TGG alumni of 2018.  I’ve been working with nonprofits since I was 14.  My ability to understand the mission of nonprofit work helps me connect with the Teens on a relatable level .


I enjoy playing the piano, creating music, and teaching healing through the art of music as well as fashion.  

I work for TGG because I want to make a change for Milwaukee's future ,through entrepreneurial justice.  “Entrepreneurship—a transformative process of using new ideas to solve social problems."  Because I am so close in age to the Teens, they help me learn and understand social problems in the country as well in our own backyard. It's essential for me to be the step for our Milwaukee Teens to become the GREATEST generation of our time.


Claire Muza (she/her)

Greenhouse Director
WebersGreenhouse_PHOTOLESSON_04 (1).jpg

My background in horticulture allows me to share cool things about growing plants with the Teens. Young people don’t get to experience nature as much as they should. I love getting to witness the first time someone plants a seed and watches it grow.

I enjoy the trips we take around the city, exploring other horticultural/agricultural organizations and seeing the Teens explore places for the first time. In my free time, I cosplay as a cat tree and make jewelry. 

I work for TGG because being around plants is my happy place and getting to share plant knowledge makes my day. I love the history of Webers Greenhouse and keeping community traditions alive.

Julius Gayo (he/him)

Horticulture Apprenticeship Manager

My background has included working in schools, summer camps, nature centers, a donut shop, and in the outdoors. Through this work, I have been delighted by how gardening can be at the intersection of being sustainable, connecting with communities, and learning about science and health. 


I enjoy being in the outdoors: hiking with my dog, surfing in the lake, and eating on restaurant patios! 

I work for TGG because I believe in the power of youth, gardens, and community to make a better world for everyone.


Nalani Moesch (she/they)

Greenhouse Lead + Apprentice Mentor

My passion for collective healing is helping me connect with and mentor the Teens in their time spent with Teens Grow Greens. I want to make sure that Teens in our care are learning and developing themselves with as much care and love as we can give them. 

My background in retail and customer service allows me to teach them everything they need to know about selling and connecting with our customers. 

I enjoy working in the greenhouse and getting my hands dirty. I have really come to love caring for plants and teaching others about the joys and comforts of gardening.  I also love cooking, making music, and reading. In my free time I am a taxidermist. 

I work for TGG because Teens in Milwaukee don’t often get to experience nature and all of its benefits. I want to give them the resources and experiences they maybe would not have otherwise.

Nathaniel Smith (he/him)

My background with TGG: this is my 4th year at Teens Grow Greens and my second year as Garden Manager.  I have always done my best to thrive in anything I want to learn about by being focused and asking questions. 


I enjoy learning new things and feeling the fresh air. I spend most of my time drawing or learning about different processes of drawing. When I’m not doing that a lot of my time goes into consuming art like anime or manga.


I work for Teens Grow Greens because I get to experience nature and be free flowing. I also think being younger on the team allows me to connect with the Teens more and push them to be great.

WebersGreenhouse_Opening Day_2022_13.jpg

Darlene Johns

Internship Educator
Darlene Johns.jpeg

My background as a northside-born and raised Milwaukeean and community organizer allows me to offer my own commitment to learning, curiosity and creativity. My passion and investment in youth education, community engagement, transformative justice, and promoting holistic healing and safety in Milwaukee will allow me to support and guide our interns in my role as an Internship Educator.


I enjoy camping and hiking, and exploring the city as well as traveling nationally and internationally. I also enjoy opportunities to be creative and curious. 

I work for TGG because it allows me the opportunity to create transformational experiences that help develop safe, brave, and bold young people who are invested in their health, healing and a thriving Milwaukee.

Karina Soto

Marketing Associate

My background includes working with Teens Grow Greens for the past five years.  I have recently taken on a new role as a Marketing Associate. In this position, I am responsible for mentoring, facilitating, and supporting our talented marketing team. 


I enjoy the creative aspects of life, including crafts, photography, videography, nature, and gardening. 

I work for TGG because of the incredible opportunity they have given me to grow both professionally and personally. Additionally, I am fortunate to work with a fantastic teammate working alongside me transitioning into our new roles.


Breanna Taylor

Marketing Associate

My background includes working with Teens Grow Green for 4 years.  I am now a Marketing Associate. I was the first Marketing Apprentice, and I now have the opportunity to help develop and mentor the new Marketing Apprenticeship. 


I enjoy telling stories through media, especially powerful stories like Teens Grow Greens’. This new position will allow me to help edit, post, produce, and help create more partnerships in the Milwaukee community. I am in my Junior year at Alverno, and once I graduate I aim to continue working in the nonprofit world in Marketing, and Outreach. Once graduating with my BA Degree in Communications and Minor in Community Engagement and Activism.

I work for TGG because I want to help cultivate the change in my community that we deserve to see.

Jada Sunderman

Outreach Coordinator

My background in creativity, communications, and diverse culture and community has allowed me to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions to inspire, engage, and educate others others to get involved. Lastly, my background in diverse culture and community has instilled in me a deep appreciation for inclusivity and the power of collaboration, fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment within the team, where everyone's voices are heard and valued.


I enjoy traveling and self-expression through art, especially painting, drawing, sculpting, and crocheting.  Traveling has been a major influence in my development: one of my biggest travel experiences was living in Costa Rica for 8 years.  Building connections and creating new experiences allows myself to constantly learn more about people and their life journeys, to broaden my own.


I work for TGG because I want to support teens in their development and through the stages of becoming young adults. From personal experience, I know how hard it can be to find your voice, gain hands-on experience and build new connections that make a positive contribution to a happy and healthy lifestyle both professionally and personally. I hope to be able to contribute my experiences and knowledge to lead teens into the next steps of their lives!

Jada Sunderman.jpeg
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