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We develop teens

through transformative experiences

that cultivate belonging, life skills, and connections to opportunities

that grow leadership.



We believe in a future of healed and healthy humans

leading change in their communities.

The words “Healed" and "Healthy"

both come from the Old English hælþ, 

which meant "wholeness."

To be healed and healthy, then,

means to be restored to a state of wholeness.

We know that there are innumerable ways

that the world eats away at our wholeness, 

suppresses and oppresses certain parts of our identities,

and sets up barriers to self and community actualization.

And we know that personal health and

the ability to create authentic changes in the world

requires whole, powerful, and thriving human beings

able to live into all of their multiple identities and

to live into their full potentials.

“Healed humans” are able to utilize tools to overcome barriers to self-actualization and wholeness, including 

  • implicit and explicit racist, ageist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, geographic, economic and other biases and discriminations;

  • lack of equitable access to healthy food, physical and mental health resources, school resources, job and higher education opportunities, green spaces, and restorative justice practices, especially in communities of color; and

  • even, existentially, newer technological and biological factors like social media and the pandemic that can cause isolation and a lack of a sense of belonging.

“Healthy humans” are able to implement lifestyle habits to meet and sustain their needs in all areas of life--physical, mental, spiritual--not only to survive but to thrive.

"Humans leading change in their communities" means that they are able to recognize what is not healed or healthy in their communities and can become active agents for positive change and community actualization.


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