We develop teens through transformative experiences

that cultivate belonging, life and career skill building, and

connections to opportunities that grow leadership.


We believe in a future of healed and healthy humans

leading change in their communities.

“Healed humans” are able to utilize tools to overcome barriers to self-actualization, including 

  • implicit and explicit racist, ageist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, geographic, and other biases and discrimination.

  • lack of equitable access to healthy food, physical and mental health resources, job and entrepreneurship opportunities, school resources, green spaces, and restorative justice practices, especially in communities of color.

“Healthy humans” are able to implement lifestyle habits to meet their needs in all domains of life.  

"Humans leading change in their communities" means that they are able to recognize what is not healed or healthy in their communities and can become active agents for positive change.


Adults are always saying, "Future this and future that." 
But it's the present NOW.

- Luz
Teens Grow Greens Intern (2021)