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As an organization, Teens Grow Greens embraces 3 key values: Love, Learning, and Integrity


Each week our staff gathers to share, plan, and solve problems, but before we do, we share gratitude as well as ways in which we have encountered, experienced, or expressed one or more of our values. 


This is only one way in which we keep these values in the forefront of all that we do, whether during work or outside of work.




  • We foster belonging.

  • We care for our own and each other's minds, bodies, and spirits.

  • We seek common ground while respecting each others’ differences.

  • We accept each other’s ideas and emotions and listen empathetically.

  • We commit ourselves to acts of love within our organization and beyond.




  • We inquire every day.

  • We create every day.

  • We adapt every day.

  • We take risks every day.

  • We commit to transformation every day.




  • We ensure all that we do has a “bold, sharp purpose” (Priya Parker).

  • We commit to justice within our organization and beyond.

  • We commit to equity within our organization and beyond.

  • We do the right thing, even when it’s hard.

  • We acknowledge, share, and live our values.

I learned so many things by being in a comfortable and open environment with no judgment.  I became more outspoken and confident . . . and even when we went virtual,
I was still able to keep learning about many things
and meeting new people.

- Karina
Teens Grow Greens Graduate (2020) and Greenhouse Apprentice (2021)