The curriculum consists of 6 themes (or "vines") which begin growing in the first month and develop throughout the program.  What used to be called "units" are now interconnected experiences that help the teens "learn, grow, and go."

  • Interns will

    • understand the program's goals, "vines," and how those themes will grow together.

    • feel belonging to themselves, each other, and the program.

    • understand and endorse TGG's "roots," or shared values and expectations: respect, responsibility, and resilience (the "3 R's").

    • have access to and become comfortable with technologies that will be used throughout the program and expectations for how to use them.

    • have access to a repertoire of creative thinking skills to build upon throughout the program.

    • create an initial resume that they will build upon throughout the program.

    • respectfully give and receive feedback with each other and staff.

  • Interns will

    • understand how food tells stories about our personal and collective lives and have an increased appreciation for each others’ food cultures and traditions.

    • have a greater understanding of the history of food in this country, including how colonization and slavery impacted BIPOC populations and how the medical system profits off of the poor health of BIPOC.

    • have a greater understanding of where food comes from in this country, particularly processed foods and meat.

    • have a greater understanding of how food impacts the body.

    • have a greater understanding of how food impacts the mind and spirit.

    • have a greater understanding of food injustice and justice.

    • have a greater understanding of the principles of urban agriculture and how to grow their own food.

    • have a greater understanding of how to cook their own food and are able to pass on these skills to their families and their mentees in Kids Grow Greens.

    • set Healthy Living Goals and begin tracking them for the remainder of the program, with a presentation at the end.

    • successfully maintain community gardens throughout the summer.

  • Interns will

    • understand how their work in the gardens and with Kids Grow Greens are intertwined with the earlier Healthy Living vine.

    • articulate their internal and external values and understand which ones to listen to in different contexts.

    • articulate their own definition of “leadership.”

    • understand that there are different types of leaders with different styles and can draw upon these models when necessary.

    • understand the dynamics between “leaders” and “followers” and how to move between those two roles successfully.

    • develop their own personal leadership philosophies.

    • discover ways that they can impact their community in positive ways through leadership, advocacy, and activism (vs. “slacktivism”).

    • set a Leadership Goal and begin tracking it for the remainder of the program, with a presentation at the end.

    • model the 3 R's in the community.

    • support the development of character traits, gardening skills, and culinary skills (and maybe even other Healthy Living Skills) in Kids Grow Greens mentees (whether in-person or virtually).

  • Interns will

    • open a bank account and learn how to budget, save, and manage their money.

    • set and meet personal savings goals toward the August entrepreneurship project.

    • achieve success during Outpost and/or farmers market sales days.

  • Interns will

    • access a repertoire of creative thinking skills to build upon throughout the program.

    • learn about the "quadruple bottom line": creating a product good for people, planet, profit, and purpose.

    • experience the ideation process with a teammate, develop a business plan, and learn how to deliver an effective pitch.

    • pitch their unique product to a panel of judges at the annual Dolphin Pool challenge.

  • Interns will

    • develop their resume throughout the program.

    • write professional emails.

    • conduct professional interviews.

    • articulate their personal branding strategies.

    • ask effective questions regarding different life pathways in the Career Conversations series.

Roots of Success

Healthy Living


Financial Literacy



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