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Leading For Justice: Food Apartheid & Urban Farming

May 23 - Sep. 10, 2022

This internship will help you answer questions like "How does the food system work--and what's wrong with it?" "How can gardening help communities not just survive but thrive?"  "How do plants grow and how can I take care of them?"  "How can I pass on my knowledge to younger people and advocate for food justice in my neighborhood?"

Dates: Mar. 14 - Apr. 15, 2022

(New hires contacted Apr. 29, 2022)


Dates: May 23 - June 4, 2022

Focus: Learning TGG values and expectations, cultivating a sense of belonging, and exploring what it means to be a leader in the community.



Dates: June 6  - Aug. 13, plus Aug. 20 and Aug. 29 - Sep. 10

Days/times:  4-5 in-person days per week until Aug. 13, then hybrid and in-person once school resumes


Topics & Experiences:

  • Defining food apartheid

  • Agricultural training

  • Leading “Mids Grow Greens,” a summer camp geared toward middle school students to teach them about food justice,  agriculture, and community change

  • Field trips and guest speakers

  • Building a resume and developing

  • professional skills

  • Leading orientation for Internship 3 interns (Aug. 29 - Sep. 10)