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Leading For Justice: Food Sovereignty & Urban Farming

June 15 - Aug. 17, 2024

$11.00 / hour

Interns will see themselves as skilled and powerful gardeners able to grow food for their families and communities!



Application Deadline: Apr. 19, 2024

Virtual Interviews: Apr. 29 - May 10, 2024

Required Tax & Employment Forms Workshop: May 21 or 22, 2024



Dates: June 15, 2024

Location/Time: TBD 

Focus: Understanding the program and schedule, discussing TGG values and co-creating Community Agreements, cultivating a sense of belonging in fun, interactive ways, learning financial literacy basics (you'll be getting a paycheck!), and, most importantly, determining what it means to "lead for justice."



Dates: June 15 - Aug. 9 and 17, 2024

Days: M/T/Th/F in-person each week until Aug. 9, plus one more Saturday on Aug. 17

Times: Typically 9:00 am - 1:00 pm


  • Northside: Westlawn Gardens (6301 W. Custer Ave.) + various locations for additional experiences

  • Southside: The Cottonwood School (3760 S. 6th St.) + various locations for additional experiences


Topics & Experiences:

  • Learn about Milwaukee's food history

  • Plant, maintain, harvest, and cook fresh vegetables, flowers, and herbs

  • Participate in field trips to farms like Beulah Family Homestead

  • Showcase your learning about food justice in projects you design yourself

  • Contribute to food security in Milwaukee's north and south sides

Food justice is as big as giving communities healthy foods they need or creating your own small garden to produce foods to help yourself and others to become healthier individuals.

Alex, TGG Grad 2022

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