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I really want to shout all of Teens Grow Greens because there was never an opportunity you didn't offer us. I have been exposed to so many new individuals and organizations . . .

I was never an extroverted person, but TGG really helped me pull those layers back a bit, so much so that I was signing up for so many new opportunities that it was getting overwhelming. But I wanted to do so many things and get familiar with different organizations and issues that I jumped at every opportunity that would lead me in the direction I want to go.


I thank you with all my heart for this wonderful experience you gifted me.

- Tylon
Teens Grow Greens Graduate (2021)
Recipient of the Ryan Graham Scholarship (2021)

I felt so welcomed every time, whether I was in virtual meetings or in person, and it makes me happy
to meet all these people.

- Krystal
Teens Grow Greens Graduate (2021)

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