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Taylor Jasper-Vaughn

2023 Marketing Apprentice

Instagram: @tayisrage

  • Instagram

A Bit About Me

My name is Taylor and I live in Milwaukee Wi. I am a photographer and I have been learning more about digital media and what it means to be a storyteller since February, 2023. Even before that I have been working on storytelling in different ways such as drawing, music and mobile photography, but I didn't really realize it was storytelling until I came to the marketing team and put my portfolio together. My first experience telling stories with the marketing team this year was documenting the TGG Adventure Rock event which was a challenge to edit because on top of it being my first time documenting an event it was also my first time editing a video. After the initial challenge of it being my first time doing this type of stuff it became easier to do. Taking photos was one of the things that i was really excited about coming into the marketing team because i had been taking photos since 2016. Although the only device i had to do so was my phone i still managed to take photos that would bring beauty into what i would photograph some of which you can see on my Instagram.

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