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Leading the Way: Exploring & Rethinking Milwaukee

June 15 - Aug. 17, 2024

$11.00 / hour

Interns will see themselves as knowledgeable Milwaukeeans able to experience and express their city in new ways!



Application Deadline: Apr. 19, 2024

Virtual Interviews: Apr. 29 - May 10, 2024

Required Tax & Employment Forms Workshop: May 21 or 22, 2024



Dates: June 15, 2024

Location/Time: TBD 

Focus: Understanding the program and schedule, discussing TGG values and co-creating Community Agreements, cultivating a sense of belonging in fun, interactive ways, learning financial literacy basics (you'll be getting a paycheck!), and, most importantly, determining what it means to "lead for way" as Teens in Milwaukee.



Dates: June 15 - Aug. 9 and 17, 2024

Days: M/T/Th/F in-person each week until Aug. 9, plus one more Saturday on Aug. 17

Times: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm (subject to change)

Locations:​ TBD (likely a central location with trips throughout the city)


Topics & Experiences:

  • Discover Milwaukee's history, both positive and challenging

  • Explore on foot, bike, and kayak, through its water, parks, culture, food, and more

  • Engage in conversations with residents and business owners

  • Recognize community assets throughout the city

  • Create your own guide to Milwaukee's present and future

IMPORANT: Because of this internship will take Teens all over the city, Teens will need reliable transportation to and from a central meeting spot each week, whether rides from family members or rides on public transportation (we provide bus passes). 


TGG will provide school bus transportation for field trips from the central meeting spot to other parts of the city.

Food justice is as big as giving communities healthy foods they need or creating your own small garden to produce foods to help yourself and others to become healthier individuals.

Alex, TGG Grad 2022

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