The "roots" of our experience are RESPONSIBILITY, RESPECT, and RESILIENCE . These foundational values apply to the Self, the Team, and the Environment, and are integrated into every aspect of the program.

Teens Grow Greens expects that all interns will abide by these principles throughout the nine months of the program and beyond.  Monthly and unit check-ins help ensure that students continue to grow, even through setbacks and struggle


    Responsibility comes from the Latin respondere, which means to "pledge or promise something in return." 


    Teens pledge to be timely, prepared, and organized; to be honest and helpful team members by showing empathy, resolving problems, and dividing work equitably; and to be models of healthy living while working with Teens Grow Greens and at home and school.


    Respect comes from the Latin respicere, which means "to look closely at someone or something again."


    Teens examine their own attitudes and behaviors, seeking self-regulation and optimism.  They respect their teammates by actively listening and giving and receiving constructive feedback.  And they respect their work spaces, whether in the garden, the kitchen, or farmer's markets.


    Resilience comes from the Latin resilientem, which means "to jump or spring back."


    Teens employ personal grit by giving 100% effort every day and by taking risks throughout their 9-month commitment. They support their teammates when they are struggling and take initiative whenever possible.  And they build assets that include everyone, because together they are stronger.

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