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Teens Grow Greens works with Interns and Apprentices to define and embrace 3 key values--Respect, Responsibility, and Resilience--

with each value applying to

the Self, the Team, and the Environment


Because we believe in the maxim “Nothing about us without us,” we start with core definitions of the

3 R's, like those below, and interns and apprentices add and adapt their own workplace expectations for themselves and their teammates, 

co-creating Community Agreements.

Samples from past Community Agreements

appear below.


RESPECT means that we will 

  • be good to our minds, bodies, and spirits--and not allow others to destroy them.

  • see beyond our mistakes and struggles instead of beating ourselves down--or letting others do so.

  • listen actively to our teammates because we care about what they are saying.

  • develop strategies for responding positively and empathetically to our teammates because they struggle just as much as we do.

  • get to know our teammates’ physical and emotional boundaries--and learn when to knock and when to enter.

  • keep each space we work in clean, tidy, and better than when we entered it.

  • follow the protocols of each space we work in, whether physical or virtual.

  • be mindful of things that need to be done--even if they’re not on our “task list.”

RESPONSIBILITY means that we will


  • honor our commitments, including showing up, showing up on time, and staying engaged until the end.

  • communicate with staff and teammates when we need to be late or absent.

  • know what tools we need and where to find them so we can get our job done.

  • take pride in our accomplishments and acknowledge our struggles.

  • work together to accomplish our shared goals.

  • encourage our teammates, especially when they’re in a low space.

  • treat each space--whether physical or virtual--as a work space.

  • remember our responsibility to the communities in which and for which we work.

RESILIENCE means that we will


  • let our purpose and values be our guiding light in difficult situations.

  • embrace challenges and persist in the face of setbacks, but ask for help when this is difficult.

  • learn from constructive criticism--and demand that criticism be constructive.

  • try to give 100% effort as fully as possible, as often as possible--knowing that this won’t always be easy or possible.

  • try, fail, learn, and try harder--together, as a team.  

  • hold ourselves and others accountable for the things we/they say they can/want to do.

  • be role models for each other, for our peers outside of TGG, especially those younger than ourselves. 

  • understand that all we do is for ourselves and our team, as well as for the communities we serve.

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